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Personal Safety Tips

  1. The old saying, safety in numbers has never been truer. Statistics show that walking with two people reduces your chances of being a victim by 90%, one person reduces your chances by 70%
  2. While walking, walk assertively, in familiar locations. Regularly change your route and walking times. Walk only in well-lit areas
  3. While shopping, only take what you can afford to lose. Keep unnecessary cash, credit cards at home.
  4. Guard your checks as if they were cash. Your checkbook is a valuable item to a criminal. It not only contains your personal information but also can be used to obtain cash while ruining your good name and credit.
  5. Don’t allow your purse to hang by the strap. Wear the strap across your body or hold the purse close to your body like a football.
  6. Avoid giving out personal information about yourself, your money, or credit cards over the phone.
  7. Avoid using outside ATM’s at night. If it is necessary to use an ATM at night, use an ATM located inside a busy and well-lit convenience store or supermarket.
  8. Be aware of your surroundings. If you are being followed, don’t return home. Go to an occupied business where you can call for assistance or to a police substation.
  9. If you carry weapons, make sure your weapon is legal. Practice with your weapon. Know the effects and be prepared to use it. Pepper spray is the most effective and legal way to repel an attacker.
  10. Above all, trust your instincts about dangerous situations. If your instincts are telling you that you could be putting yourself in a vulnerable situation, you’re most likely right!