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New Water Service

New Service ~ Residential or Commercial

Complete and submit a signed application, along with a valid picture ID to City Hall.

New Service Connection Fees

  • $150 for non-owner property
  • $100 for owner property

A Service Connection Fee shall be due when the water meter is turned on for new service. Additional fees may apply for non-standard sized meters.

Certificate of Occupancy Inspection

A Certificate of Occupancy Inspection is required on all properties with commercial or industrial uses at a fee of $76.92, paid at the time of application for service. Please submit a Certificate of Occupancy and fee with your Utility Application. Once your applications have been submitted, you will be provided with the City Inspector’s contact information so you can schedule
the best time for them to complete the inspection. Please note: At this time we cannot accept credit card payments for this fee. Cash or Check only.


FINAL BILL ~ RETURN OF DEPOSIT: The Utility Service Deposit or a portion thereof will be paid to the customer when final service is rendered, providing the final bill has been paid or after the deposit has been applied toward the final bill. Please be sure to provide us with your forwarding address.

RECONNECT FEE REQUIRED DUE TO NON-PAYMENT: In the event a customer’s water service is terminated for non-payment, to re-establish customer’s account, a reconnect fee of $100 shall be required prior to service reconnection. The reconnect fee shall remain in an account held by the City for the life of the customer’s account. Additional fees may apply for non-standard sized meters.